My brother has a new novel coming out.  May 7th.  It is his 9th novel.

If you ask him which of his novel’s is his favorite, he tells you that he can’t.  He says something like, “It’s like lining up my 3 boys and asking me which one I love the most.”  I have been the same way.  I haven’t had a favorite…until NOW.

Being the sister of a writer has its perks. One of them is that I get to read his novels early.  If you are jealous, don’t be.  It also means I have to put up with him.  Yes, he could definitely say the same about me. ..I hear ya.  I read UNWRITTEN about 4 months ago and here is the truth about it.  This novel WILL heal people. Or, at the least, it will draw them toward healing. There are parts of the book that describe what is available to people if they will step into healing and do the hard work of getting through the pain of old wounds.  There was a part in the book that described what that looks like.  But, it didn’t just describe it.  It now has a picture…words that grabed my heart and reminded me what HOPE and HEALING can be.  And, how I can continue to be present with others on their journey to that same place…



Do you storm the castle?  Do you rush in?  Do you wrap your arms around?  Do you know HOW?  This story is about people who find themselves on that journey…the journey of discovering themselves and healing.  You will want what they found.  And your heart will swell with joy and hope as those characters live their stories and find LIFE.

BUY THE BOOK.  Do it because he is my brother.  A man among men.  Who loves wife and sons.  Who fights alongside those with whom God has called him to be in community.  Who makes mistakes.  And, who writes novels that truly touch the souls of the readers.  Buy it because you need to.  You NEED to read this novel.  Your heart needs it…and your soul needs it.

FYI – There is a FANTASTIC trailer for the book here (http://charlesmartinbooks.com/books/unwritten).  Yes, I know…this book NEEDS to be a movie.  Pray for that.  People NEED to see this story on the big screen.

Thank you ~ B.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. My favorite hands-down. Reaches in deep. Loved the themes, loved the characters. It’s neat to see the sections you photographed! I have 3 I photographed myself-totally different ones-and it’s cool to see how different parts are used powerfully to touch the reader. Would LOVE to see a movie 🙂

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