thunder and rain…

in case you didn’t already know it CHARLES MARTIN has a new novel out.  it is called THUNDER AND RAIN. 

the book is fantastic.  especially if you were raised on cowboy stories and have a soft spot in your heart for texas rangers.  I DO.  this book is about how a man fights for his heart even when he’s learned how to shut it down.  like fort knox shut down. 

to be honest, i can’t really do a review of it justice.  i never find the correct words to describe music or art or books.  i feel like i want to open up my heart and let you see what happens to it when i read one of charles’ books.  i feel part of me come alive when i read about how his characters grow and change in the face of suffering, fear, and heartbreak.  life throws a lot of punches.  charles’ characters remind me that getting up is where courage grows.  and, you don’t have to get up pretty. 

i read an interview this morning that charles gave.  here is the link (

this whole interview shows charles’ heart.  why he does what he does.  how he tries to live his life.  it’s worth reading.  it will remind you to GET UP.  in the following quote, charles is talking about how he can improve.  i hear how to LIVE…well.   i put the word people next to bestsellers.  when i read it that way, the life in his words hit me like spring air and fill up my soul…

Stay in touch with my heart which is easier said than done. And don’t poison it, which is also easier said than done. Given the darts and dings of life, it’s a battle. Sometimes, daily. Also, I don’t try to be everyone else. Don’t emulate other bestsellers [people].  There’s only one me on the planet and God gave me my voice for a reason. So, I’m doing my best to use it.

so, here is my thought to you and me for today.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR VOICE?  i waste a lot of air and time on things that don’t matter.  crap.  i hate that.  so, today, i want to USE MY VOICE for what God made me to use it for.  to encourage…to speak life…to love others…to risk…to grow courage…to laugh…to shut down the voice inside that is always so dissatisfied.  i want to see the joy that surrounds me.  and, believe, even in the midst of so much darkness in our world, that morning ALWAYS comes.  HOPE exists.  LIFE can be lived fully.  that’s what i want my voice to say. 

oh, and my voice also says, GO BUY THUNDER AND RAIN. 🙂


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  1. Mickey says:

    My wife bought it twice already. She pre-ordered on Kindle, but then bought the paperback as well because she learned she could get it a day or two earlier. 🙂 She’s really enjoys his work, and said that this one was awesome.

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