the breakfast sandwich…

food and wine has now told the world what nashville has known all along…

sweet 16th has the best breakfast sandwiches in the country!!! (click here to go to the food and wine website).  granted, there are a number of other contenders as well.  however, we hold fast to the truth that  no other breakfast sandwich holds a candle to our east nashville gem.

for those of you who have not ventured to our side of town….SHAME ON YOU!!!!  you need to rememdy that situaiton as quickly as you can.  if you would like to know more about sweet 16th, check out my post from a year ago about them.  🙂 

i LOVE it that this precious bakery and our own precius dan and ellen einstein get the praise that they deserve.  they are a HUGE blessing to our neighborhood and our lives. 

i may just have to stop tomorrow and get on on my way to work.  my diet will just have to look the other way.  😉 

p.s.  – that sandwich is perfect with a diet coke. 





































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