life is blooming…

y’all have been reading about how life is blooming in my heart lately.  what is precious about that is that life is also blooming around my little cottage home.  thanks to the teaching of my amazing mother, i have a green thumb (i think).  and, i LOVE when my flowers are blooming. so, today, in honor of spring and life, here are the pictures of what is blooming around me.  i hope that you are taking all the time you can to watch the world burst forth with color, textures,... Read More

well hello there dark eyes….

fuchsia that is.  don’t know what a dark eyes fuchsia is?  i didn’t either.  the cascading dark eyes fuchsia that greets visitors at my front door... the blooms are MAGNIFICENT... and mine has more buds on it than i can count!!! i found this BEAUTIFUL hanging plant at JVI SECRET GARDENS here in nashville.  if you haven’t found them already, go and see them!  they KNOW everything about plants (in my opinion) and are very kind and patient…even if you... Read More

the perfect sunny day doggie date…

SPRING IS HERE!!!! i think i have announced that an annoying number of times, but i am too excited to care.  🙂  in honor of spring being here, it is time to get outside!  enjoy the sunshine….get some exercise…be amazed at the beauty of creation and the wonder of how things bloom!!!  it is an awe inspiring time of year 🙂 there are lots of great places in nashville to get outside.  the one on which i am focusing today is well known to all nashvillians….the... Read More

welcome spring with a hyacinth bean vine…

the vegetable garden seeds are sprouting and the back yard is being prepared to plant in about a month.  however, veggie seeds are not the only things i started indoors!  last year, i was walking with my mom and we saw this gorgeous vine near my house, growing on a neighbors mailbox.  the flowers were a lovely shade of purple, the leaves were a gorgeous green, and the pods were SO COOL!!!!  so, my mom, being the gardener that she is pulled off a couple of pods and handed... Read More

spring is coming!!!!

actually, spring was here last week. and, now it is a bit cold again. however, i will NOT be derailed from my spring excitement! to celebrate the coming of spring, i am doing a number of things. besides dressing in colors and fixing spring-y libations, i am also planning my spring garden. (post coming soon!!!) planning a garden, in my opinion, requires research, creativity and a LOT of effort. so, in order to continue to prepare , i decided to go to the NASHVILLE LAWN AND GARDEN... Read More

spring baskets and window boxes

so, my mom makes martha stewart look amateur and lazy 🙂  ok…so, maybe i over-exaggerate a little, but seriously, my mom is AMAZING.  everything she decorates is lovely.  her garden is GORGEOUS and HUGE.  she cooks from scratch.  she loves God, and can teach the Bible like nothing you have ever seen.  she gives with her time, talents and resources.  she is as lovely inside as she is out.  now, she isn’t perfect.  but, she amazes me.  so, as i moved... Read More

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