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so, y’all may remember an artist whom i recommended.  her name is angel snow.  she is a talented and enchanting singer/songwriter.

well, she has a new album coming out.  and, i have a confession to make.  she is one of my dearest friends.  and, so i had the pleasure of having that album with me in Israel.  and, i couldn’t stop listening to it.  there were a lot of long bus rides that were filled with her music in my ears.  it is a brilliant album. the songs have a lot of layers.  she didn’t write them for me. yet, the lyrics fit my heart and moved around in my soul.  i think that they will do the same for you.

she has partnered up with pledge to get some help with her album.  if you are able, i would so appreciate you coming alongside her and financially supporting her.  she gives everything she has to music.  and, God has so beautifully gifted her to bless others through that music.  in my opinion, it is her calling.  and, i love to be able to support people who push hard into their callings, even when it takes everything that they have.

so, watch this video….and then, please, go and support this amazing woman as she continues to bless us all with her music, and steps faithfully into the craziness of all that God has in store for her.

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