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so, my readership usually dips down over the weekend. which is ok. i would rather y’all be out in the sunshine or being with those you love than reading my blog. my previous idea was to not post on the weekends. however, i do like continuity. so, i decided to try something new. i may stick with it. i may not. who knows?! 🙂

on saturdays, i am going to post a kind of deep thought for the week. i usually have something deep that i am chewing on all week and i would love to share it with y’all and hear what you think about it. a lot of the fuel for my deep thoughts comes from work. i mentioned in an earlier post that i hadn’t talked much about my day job yet. the reason for that is…it’s a little much, to be quite honest. and, the reason for this blog is to have an outlet in my life that gives me room to practice being strong and courageous, and to be SO different that all that i hear everyday. i’m a psychologist, and a lot of the stuff i listen to all week is heartbreaking. the trauma…the abuse….molestation…it’s a LOT. and, it ends up in my brain and i have to work really hard to leave it all at the office. sometimes, i just can’t. sometimes, thoughts and questions follow me home and i have to work through that to keep moving. so, i thought bringing some of those thoughts and questions here would be therapeutic for me and might be thought provoking for y’all. we shall see how it goes. i really do value your feedback on this.

this is the picture i will use for a while on saturdays. i took it a couple of summers ago in north carolina. i love the beautiful butterfly with all those thorns around. i think it is a good depiction for both joy and pain.

ALL THAT ASIDE…this week’s thoughts are LIGHTER.  🙂 since it was my birthday this past week (don’t you love it how i keep working that in?), i thought i would give some thoughts on turning 33. 🙂

  1. 33 is a good number. feels good. like it’s filled with symmetry and blessings. i am excited to see what this year has up its sleeve.
  2. i am not the thinnest i have ever been or the most healthy, but i think i feel the most beautiful i have ever felt.  and, it’s not simply because i have such a great hairdo. 🙂  it’s because i am settling into my life. i am accepting where i am.  i am more confident.  and, i have had a lot of healing occur in the last couple of years.  so, that, in my opinion shows…and i feel the most beautiful i have ever felt.  yay for 33 🙂
  3. growing up sucks…bills, leaks at the house, not being where i thought i’d be, busy schedules that mean less time with friends, crazy bosses, rising gas prices…did i mention bills?
  4. i think i am ready to go on another mission trip…or maybe do some in nashville work…my heart wants to practice giving more.
  5. i am planning on saving money this year to go to ireland, england and scotland.  i think i can talk somebody into going with me. 🙂
  6. i am going to talk my sisters and mom into a girls trip to new york.  it’s time. 
  7. i will no longer buy into the myth of the carrot!  (this will be next week’s saturday post…stay tuned)
  8. i am embracing being a foodie gro
  9. “life is a baquet and some poor suckers are starving to death…” i am going to spend this year LIVE-ing. 🙂

3 times 3 = 9, so that is the thoughts for this year. 🙂 

have a lovely saturday.  and, if you have any thoughts, hopes and/or dreams for yourself, list them below.  put them out there!  it’ll be good for your soul too. 🙂

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  1. jenm. says:

    I liked this post…and I can totally agree with you about turning 33 (My bday was in January)! It feels like a good number, right? So far, 33 is going pretty well. I have a feeling its going to be a KNOCK OUT year for you too…in a good way, of course 🙂

    Also, I might want to be the one that goes to Ireland, England and Scotland with you 🙂

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