I have a friend named Meghan.  She is a gift to me.  She is wise beyond her years.  She laughs with abandon.  She challenges me in love so that I am able to have ears to hear.  She has adventure in her smile and tight arms when the world hurts.  She, truly, is a gift to me.

I was blessed to walk with her through the season of deciding with her husband Jacob to have children.  It is an honored place to be…the place of sharing hearts around creating life.  Just under a year later, sweet Sadie was born.  I remember sitting in the hospital watching Meghan move effortlessly into motherhood.  She was feeding Sadie like a pro.  And, then she allowed me to hold her.  And, this is what I saw…


Over the months, I saw Meghan and Jacob grow into precious parents. They love Sadie well.  I stand in awe at how tender and present they are with her.

photo 2

One day, around July 4th,  they ended up at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital for fluid on Sadie’s lungs.  The news came.  “She has a 4 cm mass growing on her diaphragm.”  The road for Sadie, Meghan and Jacob started there.  She was 1o months old and diagnosed with Stage 3 Neuroblastoma.  I sat, with a somber and loving crowd, at Vanderbilt Childrens and saw my precious friend move from sobbing to rallying with each breath.  When you are a parent with a child who has cancer, you learn to live for your child.  It is survival.  It is love.  It’s Meghan.

Since that day, they have dealt with bone marrow tests, biopsies, MRIs, radiation and chemotherapy.  Currently, the doctors think she will have 4 more rounds of chemo…then more tests…then the next steps.  The prayer is always for FULL HEALING.  If they can shrink this tumor, they can operate.  I have sat with Sadie and Meghan on a couple of chemo days and the view there is heartbreaking.  Chemo, on its own, is horrible.  Chemo and children is a heartbreak that I don’t have adequate verbage to describe.  Cancer is EVIL.  I hate it.

Due to the all that Sadie needs right now, Meghan and Jacob decided that Meghan would resign and work in the home.  Jacob is still working full-time outside the home.  That change, plus all the bills that come along with cancer treatment, has required them to get creative with their budgeting.  If anyone, however, can get creative with money, it’s Meghan.  She can pinch a penny like nothing you have ever seen.  Yet, I, as their friend, know that they need date nights, and probably a really good therapist.  I cannot imagine walking through a season like this without a tender therapist with a safe office and a full box of tissues.

So, here is my request.

Would you consider sending a gift to the Smiths?  It doesn’t need to be large.  I know that there are a million “Smith” families out there with sick children.  I am painfully aware of that when I visit them at the hospital.  Yet, if you feel like you want to support THIS family, I would be grateful.  I love them.  I love Sadie.  She laughs beautifully and her eyes melt my heart.  Also, I love my friend.  If I could take this from her, I would.  I hate that she spent her child’s 1st birthday in the middle of cancer treatments. I want to ease their pain.  I can’t.  If I can aid them in easing their financial concerns, that would be a start in my book.

If you would like to send a gift to them, please make it out to Meghan Smith, Benefit Account for Sadie Smith.  Please email me for the address.  In order for them not to be taxed, the gift needs to be under $13,000.  Not that any of you have that to give, but I like to shoot for the stars.  It is not tax-deductible as it is being given to an individual.  Any other questions that you have, I am happy to answer them over email.

If you currently don’t have a financial gift, please feel free to send them a note.  I believe that the prayers and encouragement that come from unexpected places touch their hearts deeply.  And gifts from the heart are always as precious as financial gifts…sometimes more so.

If you want to follow Sadie’s updates, here is their CAREPAGE.  Also, there was a benefit held in August for Sadie and it was AMAZING.  Click here for the story and pictures.


photo 3Proverbs 31:25

“She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future”

photo 4

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