orchids re-bloom…

you may remember that i LOVE orchids.  i get it from my mom and my sister-in-law.  i just love their blooms.  my orchids are more sophisticated than i am, but they agree to live in my home and brighten it.  if you didn’t know that about me, then shame on you for not reading more of my blog. 😉  here are the posts about it….one and two.

so, here is the trick….ready?  well, it’s easy…i just did what i said i was gonna do.  i cut down the stalk and placed wax on it (also, cayenne pepper works).  then, i continued to keep them in the little windowsill and watered them with the 3 ice cubes every Sunday.

REMEMBER…orchids grow in jungle type environments. so, if you can put them somewhere that gets filtered light and is kind of snuggled in so that they stay warm and feel cozy.  i don’t spritz them with the water when it’s cold outside.  i only do that in the warmer months to simulate wet air, like they would have in the jungle 🙂


lots of places near you sell orchids. find a cozy spot and see how green your thumb, or hands can turn 🙂

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