My Grandaddy…


My Granddaddy passed away this past Tuesday morning.  We laid his body to rest yesterday.  Family and friends came from all over to join us as we celebrated his life. There were laughter and tears, hunting stories and love stories…we all embraced and held hands.  I don’t have words adequate enough to describe who my grandaddy was or how he lived his life.  Lucky for me, my brother is quite gifted at that.  So…below I am placing a link to my brother’s blog.  On it he posted the eulogy he read at the service.  I don’t know if any other eulogy has so captured the essence of a man.  If any of you wonder about the banquet to which he refers, let me know….and we can chat about it.  Preferably over a scotch….Grandaddy would have liked that.

The only thing I will add is this.  I am going to miss him.  He loved me well.  As an adult, we were really able to know each other.  So…I will miss him because I was blessed enough to know him, and to be known by him.

Grandaddy ~ from now on, I will carry Chapstick and a felt tip pen, and I will make sure to always have some scotch on hand.  I’ll work on my penmanship.  I love you.


My Grandfather’s Eulogy (by Charles Martin)



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  1. Kristy Reed says:

    So sorry for your loss.

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