living off the land…

well, maybe not completely.  but, at least i am on my way! 

there are a couple of things that i did WRONG when i planted my garden this year.  and, then i added what i learned…

  1. i planted WAY too many tomato plants.  i cannot get to all of them because they have grown over each other.  which means i also cannot stake them….which means some of them rot on the ground.  sad story i know.  the lesson i learned is to pay attention to the instructions about how far apart to plant things.  they grow a LOT bigger than you think those teeny tiny starter plants will grow.
  2. i did not anticipate the weed issue.  the lesson i learned is…put down WEED CLOTH or something like it.  birds drop seeds…crabgrass hates me…and it is hot out there!  i cannot keep up with the weeds.  so, i just let them go.  WEEDS HAPPEN.  for right now, they have not harmed the production of my plants.  but, i will definitely switch it up before the next planting.
  3. your roots will rot if they stay too wet.  (RIP zucchini plants).  put down more mulch or straw down on around the base of the plants. 

although i did some things incorrectly, i also did some things that worked.  here are some pics of what i am proud of.

the BIG picture...

the tangled web of plants to the right are all of those tomato plants.  good lord!  those are on top of each other…and just keep growing!!!  that vine coming at you is butternut squash.   i don’t know what happened but all of my squash plants (yellow and butternuts) are producing butternuts.  some of them have longer, yellow squash tops…but in the middle…butternut.  i guess while i was sleeping the yellows and the butternuts had a little activity and…poof…butternuts with yellow squash tops. 

regular looking butternut growing on that lovely vine…

1st butternut crop sitting on my counter...they just keep producing...


yellow butternut and zucchini (the only zucchini i got) just out of the garden..


cooked them up and ate them! they were AMAZING...


my cucumber crop...then i killed those too with the whole "too wet" problem...

 there aren’t any tomatoes pictures yet because they are ALL still green…and by all, i mean TONS.  also, the eggplants are growing and are maybe the cutest plant on the planet.  watermelons are coming in too.  not so sure what is going on with
the cantaloupe plants.  i will keep y’all updated. 

LEST you think i only am focusing on the vegetables and fruits, here are some pics of the flowers…because it is important to stop and smell them.  🙂

my knockout roses just keep blooming!!!and, the drift roses are SO adorable and keep blooming as well!

all in all, the garden situation at my house is going strong.  WEEDS HAPPEN.  but, i am loving it nonetheless.  thankful that my sweet Mom comes in town to help me.  🙂 

if y’all have any wisdom on how to help the rotting root situation or how to get to my tomatoes…please give them to me below.  we all know i need all the help i can get…

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  1. Afran says:

    MAy be too late and I have no idea if this would work, but….in Italy, with plants that tend to need to get more dried out, they are often planted with a small area of rocks around the roots. In addition to helping drainage, the rocks also hold heat from the sun and facilitate more drying out. I seem to recall that they go around or next to roots, not on top of. Anyway, good luck. Sounds and looks so yummy!

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