i don’t know how to thump a watermelon…

so, i wanted to know if my watermelon was ripe.  my friends told me to thump it and then describe what to listen for.  i thumped it and thought it sounded EXACTLY like it should if it was ripe.


isn't it adorable! it is a sugar baby so it is supposed to be small...


soooooo...adorable but not ripe....

i do want to avoid this from happening again, so i asked the GENIUS crew at DELVIN FARMS, and they told me this…
you will know when watermelons are ripe because their stem from the vine shrivels and gets brown.  if you have to pull it much to get it off, it’s not ready yet.
that would have been good information to have before i YANKED it off the vine.  🙂  so, if you are a BAD thumper like me, feel free to focus on the vine method.  however, that does not help you in the grocery store!!!
are you a watermelon thumper?


4 Responses to “i don’t know how to thump a watermelon…”
  1. Robin Tate says:

    I know this will be difficult to believe, but I AM a watermelon thumper! I have only been ‘off’ (okay, then….WRONG) one time!!!
    We’ll go to the market soon!! or……you can wait til one in your garden is perfect and falling off it’s vine, then thump it, taste for assurance and store the sound in your brain……….oooooh, light bulb!!!!……how about marketing the sound of a ripe watermelon as a phone app????? 🙂

  2. MP says:

    UGH! I only wish I’d seen this blog 2 hours ago. I’ve been waiting and waiting to pick my biggest watermelon and I thumped it and it sounded hollow…only to open it and have it look like yours, except there wasn’t any red. Dang it. Good to know the secret.

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