how to make your own pesto….

i have two sisters. one is half italian.  we all have the same parents….kinda confusing, isn’t it?

well, she went abroad in college for a semester to italy.   and, about 5 years later, she came back half italian.  with that half comes large hand gestures, bigger laughs, more humor, more cooking, more wine, just more of living life to the FULLEST.  she makes family dinners that would put top chefs to shame. so, she teaches me lots of wonderful things in the kitchen, and i am very thankful.

when she heard i was overrun with basil in the garden, she sent me a “recipe” for pesto. i used quotations there because she just wrote down what was in her head.  i love that she can keep all of that information up there!

i asked her if i could share it with y’all, and she said yes.  so, here is an AUTHENTIC ITALIAN recipe for pesto.  i put it on everything.  bread, pasta, baked chicken…on a spoon.  🙂

here is the recipe for y’all, straight off of her email…

VERY IMPORTANT: Mix items in blender separately (one at a time). It gives very different texture and better taste.

Cut as much basil as you want.

Add some garlic, toasted pine nuts, fresh grated parmigiano, salt and tidge of pepper and lots of olive oil until you get to consistency and taste you like.

  • 2 cups basil (washed, dried and packed)
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • ¼ to ½ cup toasted pine nuts
  • ¼ to ½ cup grated parmigiano
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper

In blender or food processor:

1)    Toast pine nuts. Careful- they burn easily. They are also pricey. Italians sometimes substitute half walnuts to help with that. If you use all walnuts, it is considered wintery.

2)    Grind up basil- if difficult; add the salt and garlic cloves. If that still does not work, add some olive oil. Take out and put in your bowl.

3)    Stir well with wooden spoon and add olive oil slowly. Add more oil if needed to get a smooth consistency.*

4)    Grind toasted nuts, add to bowl.

5)    Grate parmigiano alone and add to bowl as well.

6)    Salt and only a bit of pepper to taste

i hope you all enjoy it as much as i have!!!!

i used an old plastic jar that i washed out...

make sure you put LOTS of olive oil on top so it doesn't dry out in the fridge...

p.s. – i bought my pine nuts at costco..they were less expensive than the ones at the grocery store…

yay for costco!!!!

2 Responses to “how to make your own pesto….”
  1. amf says:

    Ciao B! Sono la sorella media italiana…..
    Ciao B! It’s me, the half Italian sister! Love that you shared this. Other advice would be don’t insult the basil by using that green powdered stuff in a can. Get good parmigiano. Makes a difference.
    Other than that, ejoy with friends and..Buon appetito!

    • b. martin says:

      in TN at the kroger, they have specials on their paramesean if you buy 2 or more. and, it is their select line, which is pretty good…and budget friendly. i went ahead and bought 3 🙂

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