last minute doggie gifts…

on “cyber monday” i got the deal of the century…for my dogs.  what did you say?!  noooooo…they aren’t spoiled.  not at all.  i haven’t become one of those crazy dog people who focuses on my dogs…. FRONTGATE has always had some of the most gorgeous dog beds i have ever seen…if i had $100 to spend on each dog.  which i don’t.  however, frontgate got crazy on cyber monday and i was able to get both dog beds with shipping... Read More

introducing effie…

it is OFFICIAL y’all.  i now have two dogs!!!  you all remember bella, i am sure!  well, bella now has a sister.  i found her through EAST CAN.  (go and check them out…they need good owners to come and scoop up their adorable adoptees…) she is as sweet as bella is.  she is currently a little needy, but who wouldn’t be in the new environment.  she loves to be petted and barks at anyone who walks near the house.  between bella, who howls, and effie,... Read More


in nashville, we have a WONDERFUL woman named Amanda who, in 2008, opened a holistic food shop for our four-legged friends and named it WAGS & WHISKERS.  she LOVES animals and is just a kind and gracious individual.  i found out about her because bella has food allergies and she and her staff know A LOT about food and what will help your four-legged to feel good and be happy.  this is the front of the store… it is even CUTER on the inside!!! IT GETS BETTER…this... Read More

dog days in nashville…

the dog days of summer have arrived in nashville.  in honor of that,  i want to tell y’all about some sweet friends of mine.  this adorable couple lives near me in nashville and are the kind of friends who help you when you need, spend time with you and even laugh with you when you talk too much (yes, that would be me).  they love others, LOVE each other and, most importantly for this post, they love DOGS!  they have two forever four legged friends, daisy and colt. ... Read More

learning about doggie dates….

i only have one dog.  she is so high maintenance, that i can only afford one.  for now 🙂 so, i am trying to give her play time with other dogs.  i play with her, but it’s not the same as another dog, i am sure!  so, this past weekend, when my friend came over to taste my libations, she brought lilly with her.  (i hope it is with 2 l’s and not just one…) meet lilly… isn’t she just PRECIOUS?!  i think she has beagle, dalmation, and a... Read More

introducing: bella

step right up folks…. meet bella.  she is my four-legged companion.  she is a pure bred mutt.  beagle.  hound…and a bunch of other stuff i don’t know about.  i adopted her.  she is 5.  i have had her for three years.  and, she takes after me, which means, she is HIGH MAINTENANCE. example one: she has allergies.  this means her food is the kind of dog food made out of salmon.  but not just any salmon.  it is made out of the kind of salmon that... Read More

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