two weeks ago, my sweet mom came in town.  she came for a wonderful fundraiser and she was a great date.  i am thankful.

however, the next morning, it struck.  it being THE cold.  not just any cold.  the worst cold ever.  yes, i know that sounds dramatic.  but, this cold was evil to the core.  mom made me chicken and vegetable soup.  from scratch.  she stocked my fridge and nursed me.  i was sad that she did not have a adventures with me for the weekend.  however, i was so blessed that she was there to take care of me.  she said it was okay with her and that when i am a mom i will understand.  i look forward to that.

i have a subscription to southern living.  obligatory for any southern belle.  here is a recent issue.

it highlights some very beautiful ways to decorate your house for fall.  i assume they had teams of people and some brilliant photographers to do all that is in that issue.

while i was sleeping…battling the worst cold ever…this is what mom did with her time.

she took bittersweet that was growing wild in my backyard and made a wreath. yep. she just made it from a vine in my backyard.

she also took some and put it over my kitchen window.

she had no staff, and these photographs were taken on my iphone, but i think she has southern living beat.  i told y’all before…she makes martha stewart look a bit lazy and less talented.

mom…you are my hero.  how do you do all that you do?!

wait till y’all see what else she had up her sleeve…

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