Last night, at the end of a long and deep spring cleaning day, I decided to do some work on my computer.  With spring cleaning being on my mind, I decided to clean off my computer.  As I was doing that, I found a blog post that I wrote a while ago…not even totally sure how long.  Two years maybe.  It reminded me of how much I love my friend…and how difficult it is to forgive when I’m hurt.  I hope you enjoy it…Oh, and I am still working on forgiving... Read More


My brother has a new novel coming out.  May 7th.  It is his 9th novel. If you ask him which of his novel’s is his favorite, he tells you that he can’t.  He says something like, “It’s like lining up my 3 boys and asking me which one I love the most.”  I have been the same way.  I haven’t had a favorite…until NOW. Being the sister of a writer has its perks. One of them is that I get to read his novels early.  If you are jealous, don’t... Read More

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