hope. we all have things that we hope for.  last week, i wrote about one of mine.  hope bubbles up for me as i re-enter the dating world.  i wrote about how some of it can be really fun and exciting.  however, there is also another side to it. the pain of hope. when hope gets stirred in the area of a longing, especially one that is old, there can be pain. and, we can either deal with that pain or, instead of dealing with the pain, there seem to be two ways we can go. ... Read More

christmas cards…

i love christmas cards. i love all the pictures and all the notes about what people i love are up to.  here is how i displayed them this year. this is the big mirror in my dining room/kitchen. i still haven't taken it down. i just love them too much! this year, i am inspired by my dear friend to keep those cards meaningful all year long.  this year, she included a note about how she uses these beautiful cards all year long. i will probably take down my cards after valentines... Read More

keeping your bubbly…

if you are a fan of the bubbly, like i am, you typically run into a little problem.  you have to drink it all or lose some.  it’s hard to keep it overnight.  they have fancy cork things that keep it, but i’m just not paying for that. here is the budget friendly way to keep your bubbly. 1.  place saran wrap over opening. 2.  wrap hair tie 3.  drink tomorrow yep, that’s all it takes.  no fancy cork thingys required.  Read More

this girl knows how to have fun…

i'm guessing i am about 10 years old... i am sure you can tell by now that i am not shy.  and, apparently that started young.  an old friend of the family brought this photo to dinner for me a couple of months ago.  i have it on my fridge.  i look at it everyday.  i smile wide when i see her.  she reminds me of something….something that i may have misplaced somewhere between graduate school, north dakota and a relationship…. you see…at the end of summer,... Read More

“becoming odyssa”

in august, i wrote a post about a woman named jennifer pharr davis.  she currently holds the record for the fastest thru hike of the appalachian trail.  she and her husband are inspiring people.  check out the post to read more about them. or just google her. lots of fun videos of interviews to watch. about 2 months ago, i read jen’s book, “becoming odyssa.” it is about jennifer’s first hike of the appalachian trail.  she was just out of college and... Read More

why do you have the day off?

tomorrow is martin luther king, jr. day.   a lot of you have the day off.  maybe you will sleep in.  maybe you will spend some time with your families.  love on your kids.  take a small break from the stress that you experience every day. but, WHY do you have the day off?  why do we celebrate the life of a black man from georgia?  is it because he loved God?  is it because he loved his wife?  his children?  is it because he was a charismatic speaker?  all of those... Read More

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