last minute doggie gifts…

on “cyber monday” i got the deal of the century…for my dogs.  what did you say?!  noooooo…they aren’t spoiled.  not at all.  i haven’t become one of those crazy dog people who focuses on my dogs…. FRONTGATE has always had some of the most gorgeous dog beds i have ever seen…if i had $100 to spend on each dog.  which i don’t.  however, frontgate got crazy on cyber monday and i was able to get both dog beds with shipping... Read More

jacksonville…last minute christmas gifts that sparkle…

well y’all…the clock is ticking.  christmas is almost here.  and, i am betting some of you have not finished the christmas list.  and, i BET there is a woman on your list who likes diamonds.  i mean, they are a girls best friend. MIRIAM’S JEWELERY...a wonderful gem in jacksonville with some BEAUTIFUL jewelry.  estate pieces, pearls, smaller pieces, statement pieces…all the beautiful things that sparkle and light up the eyes of the woman you love. ... Read More

christmas at my house…

“i’ll be home for christmas…” that’s true.  i am going back to my parent’s house for christmas.  there will be eggnog, coffee cake, presents, laughing children and family time. it will be wonderful.  i cannot wait. however, my house has to be decked as well.  deck the halls rang through my house as i joyfully decorated my precious little abode.  here are a couple of pics of christmas at my house.  beneath each, i also give y’all... Read More

east nashville ~ porter road butcher

that’s right folks…i’m back!!!  life has finally slowed down a bit, so i want to try and update y’all on what all is going on with me and around me.  to start off, here is a new addition to the east nashville family… PORTER ROAD BUTCHER!!!! the fantastic porter road butcher staff!!! yes, we have.  our beautiful little gem of a side of town has a bona fide butcher shop.  they have fresh eggs, milk, and ALL kinds of meats. i don’t think i’ve... Read More

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