the joy of black spray paint…part two…

yesterday, i posted part one of “the joy of black spray paint.”  i am sure you all LOVED the post.  so, i thought i would give you a little more. 😉 i have a spot over my couch in the office that needs a little love.  i moved the map that used to sit over it and it has been a LONELY spot ever since.  as i was thinking about that spot, i thought about the fact that i have been collecting wine corks for about 10 years.  (a lot of them are thanks to my parents.) ... Read More

the joy of black spray paint!! (part one)

that’s right folks!  it’s not just for graffiti artists and elementary school teachers anymore!  BLACK SPRAY PAINT. as you are looking through all of the antique malls that you can drive to..always keep in mind what the item would look like AFTER a can of black spray paint has graced it.  EXHIBIT A:  i have a collage of meaningful items on a wall in my living room.  i waited until i had almost all the items to put it up on the wall.  it has a favorite verse,... Read More

“let us never underestimate the power of a well written letter.”

that is a wonderful quote from the movie, “the jane austen book club.”  bernadette is the one to say it.  she is referring to a letter written in jane’s book “persuasion.”  it’s a perfect quote.  here is why…. we do underestimate it.  ALL the time.  the power of the written word is not valued as it should be these days.  we text…we email…we sometimes do both at the same time.  I DO.  i am not as present as i would... Read More

from the heart gift ideas….”sari bari”…

as we have extensively covered, last week was my birthday.  🙂  i was overwhelmed at how kind so many were to me.  i also got a couple of precious gifts!  so, i wanted to share the ideas with y’all as i know we all look for unique and heartfelt ideas for gift giving.  here is the first idea…more to come. 🙂 my sister-in-law and brother (plus their three boys and four-legged lovebug), gave me a SARI BARI.  first of all, as i was opening it, my sister-in-law... Read More

wine bottle citronella torches for your porch!!!

here is a great rainy day activity for you…. last spring, my fun friend found these online and sent me the link.  then, my very sweet man made them for me!  here is what they look like on my porch… they are so much fun! they are even more beautiful lit at night. 🙂  i placed the link above, but here it is again….(  my sweet man tells me they aren’t difficult to make.  feel free to post QUESTIONS... Read More

the perfect sunny day doggie date…

SPRING IS HERE!!!! i think i have announced that an annoying number of times, but i am too excited to care.  🙂  in honor of spring being here, it is time to get outside!  enjoy the sunshine….get some exercise…be amazed at the beauty of creation and the wonder of how things bloom!!!  it is an awe inspiring time of year 🙂 there are lots of great places in nashville to get outside.  the one on which i am focusing today is well known to all nashvillians….the... Read More

welcome spring with a hyacinth bean vine…

the vegetable garden seeds are sprouting and the back yard is being prepared to plant in about a month.  however, veggie seeds are not the only things i started indoors!  last year, i was walking with my mom and we saw this gorgeous vine near my house, growing on a neighbors mailbox.  the flowers were a lovely shade of purple, the leaves were a gorgeous green, and the pods were SO COOL!!!!  so, my mom, being the gardener that she is pulled off a couple of pods and handed... Read More

to all you antiquing virgins out there…part two…

so, last post, we covered the t.b.s.&c. version of HOW TO GO ANTIQUING (also known as junking)…. i said i would share withy’all something i collect and how i go about the whole thing.  i know you are very excited to know 😉  here they are! what are they, you ask?  well, they are ANTIQUE SHAVING MUGS, except for the two on the ends on the bottom row.  those are just similar and were early in the collecting process.  i began collecting them when i moved to... Read More

thank you….

so, today was going to be part 2 of the antiquing virgin posts.  however, that will have to wait until tomorrow.  i had to write this one today. i made an unexpected trip home last week and weekend due to my grandfather’s continued illness.  he is much better, which i am so THANKFUL to God for.  though the time was stressed, i had precious time with my family and continue to be in awe of the women to whom i am related.  my mom is amazing in how she is aiding her parents... Read More

to all you antiquing virgins out there…part one…

i go “antiquing” a lot.  yes, i realize that i do not use the word correctly.  it’s a verb in my vocabulary and below is the t.b.s.&c. definition.  🙂 antiquing….verb….definition: to drive to a junk store, antique mall, salvage yard, or a similar location.  once there, the individual spends hours finding junk, vintage treasures, and antiques that inspire creativity  and re-decorating of rooms.  usually ends with the individual(s) filling... Read More

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