east nasvhille…sweet 16th bakery…

tomorrow morning, i get to do my FAVORITE morning activity.  (coffee doesn’t count because i am addicted so it is not an activity, it’s a fix). i get to drive from my house to SWEET 16TH BAKERY in east nashville.  the snow is no longer on the ground here in tennessee, but this is what the bakery looked like a couple of weeks ago. when i walk through their door, and begin to salivate (just call me pavlov), i will be greeted by dan and ellen einstein. they are... Read More

jane austen book club…1st meeting

so, as you might remember, my friend and i started a book club to read jane austen’s novels.  we were inspired by the movie “the jane austen book club.”  if you haven’t seen it, place that in your queue on netflix and have yourself some popcorn.  now, we didn’t have black tie gowns on at our book club.  however, we did have some scrumptious appetizers and deep red wine.  which, truly, is better than any gown…more comfortable as well... Read More

light a candle…(and hop on over to nashville’s hillsboro village)

light a candle and feel the loveliness waft through your room. i use candles throughout my home. in the bathroom, my bedroom, my office, the guest bedroom and especially in the dining room and living room. so, over the years, i have developed a couple of favorites. i thought i would share them with you. 🙂 my old standby is by VOTIVO.  the scent is RED CURRANT. my sister-in-law (yep…you guessed it…she is amazing too) passed the addiction for this waxy goodness on... Read More

libations for guests!

so, as my sister is getting more into the whole mixology thing, i thought, “wouldn’t it be fun to have 2 or 3 signature cocktails at my house to offer to people when they stop by?” i always try to have a good selection of libations and virgin liquids available for when people stop by. however, i hadn’t yet moved into this arena yet. so, as she is leading the way, i am taking COPIOUS notes. 🙂 so, she mentioned one called “the bee’s knees.”... Read More

libations, cocktails…what word do i use?!

so, in deciding what to call this section, i was stumped.  i mean, the “food” part was easy.  but, do you call them cocktails, drinks, alcohol, wine….so many words!  wine and beer are too limiting.  alcohol is a little too harsh.  doesn’t roll of the tongue as well.  cocktails, according to wikepedia is more specific than i thought (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cocktail).  Here is what wikepedia has to say (yes, i know it isn’t always... Read More

pictures of the ill-fated couch…

well…after a bunch of dawn dish soap and a little re-fluffing, the couch looks like it will make it.  WHEW! so, here is the couch… it is REAL leather, sealy brand, and i sank into it last night like a cloud.  it goes far beyond comfort. the cushion that had an adventure on the highway is the one on the right.  if  you look closely below, you are able to see what is left of the tire tracks that dawn attempted to erase.  and here is the hole and the hole as... Read More

my grandfather is sick…

…and i live 9 hours away.  he is 94.  he has lived a life that most can’t imagine.  he is a man who loves his wife (of 70 years).  he doesn’t do anything halfway.  these are the words that sit on the top of my head when i think of how to describe him: integrity, fidelity, faith, hard work, passion, and love.  i know there are more.  but, these are the top ones for me.  i love him.  i’m not ready.  and, i live too far away.  most of the time,... Read More

spring baskets and window boxes

so, my mom makes martha stewart look amateur and lazy 🙂  ok…so, maybe i over-exaggerate a little, but seriously, my mom is AMAZING.  everything she decorates is lovely.  her garden is GORGEOUS and HUGE.  she cooks from scratch.  she loves God, and can teach the Bible like nothing you have ever seen.  she gives with her time, talents and resources.  she is as lovely inside as she is out.  now, she isn’t perfect.  but, she amazes me.  so, as i moved... Read More

introducing: bella

step right up folks…. meet bella.  she is my four-legged companion.  she is a pure bred mutt.  beagle.  hound…and a bunch of other stuff i don’t know about.  i adopted her.  she is 5.  i have had her for three years.  and, she takes after me, which means, she is HIGH MAINTENANCE. example one: she has allergies.  this means her food is the kind of dog food made out of salmon.  but not just any salmon.  it is made out of the kind of salmon that... Read More

lesson learned

well, here it is folks….the “here’s-your-sign moment for the weekend…” ready? 🙂 well, i sold my couch on craigslist.  it didn’t go with my evolving decor.  found a leather one thanks to craigslist that fit my room PERFECTLY.  (i LOVE craigslist…and i made $20 on the deal) to sweeten the pot, it is leather, which means my precious four-legged’s hair will not be so much of a pain in the you-know-what.  it was a GREAT price... Read More

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