The start…

It has been a FULL 3 years.  I realized that in the deep part of my heart as I read over my journals the last couple of weeks.  That will be another blog post.  I need some more time to marinate on it. As I was reading through my journals, this fell out…   Probably written […]

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life is blooming…

y’all have been reading about how life is blooming in my heart lately.  what is precious about that is that life is also blooming around my little cottage home.  thanks to the teaching of my amazing mother, i have a green thumb (i think).  and, i LOVE when my flowers are blooming. so, today, in […]

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the breakfast sandwich…

food and wine has now told the world what nashville has known all along… sweet 16th has the best breakfast sandwiches in the country!!! (click here to go to the food and wine website).  granted, there are a number of other contenders as well.  however, we hold fast to the truth that  no other breakfast […]

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This blog has changed quite a bit since I began. Please feel free to contact me with questions or thoughts.

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